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Rialto Beach Engagement / Nicole & Jeremiah / Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Nicole & Jeremiah Sunset Rialto Beach Engagement Session

Nicole and Jeremiah are such an adventurous couple, and for this week's adventure they flew up to Washington from Colorado (where we plan to do another shoot in the future!) and stepped out in style and grace for their session at Rialto Beach. We spent so much time just laughing and chatting about their hopes and dreams for the future, and about their precious son who they both adore deeply. This couple maintains such a reverence for one another that I couldn't get over. The way Jeremiah is always stealing glances over at Nicole let's you know that she is nearly always on his mind, and that they are going to have such a beautiful life together.

This session allowed me to capture some utterly gorgeous sun flare shots of them along the beach and to really capture the free spirited essence of this couple. The images of them walking hand in hand as those waves crashed along the shore were absolute magic! We were able to capture that golden hour sun and they popped champagne as the sun settled across the horizon- something I hope they get to do every day for the rest of their lives! Who doesn't love a good glass of bubbly with their sweetheart? Especially one where you have a sunset, a cozy blanket to snuggle under, and cool clear water flowing over your toes! The theme of this session was definitely all about the love they have for each other and I cannot wait to meet back up with them in the future for their session in Colorado because I know that one is going to be stunning as well.

We split this session into two parts, with the sunny beach walk in their everyday clothes but as the day turned to night they slipped into something a little more glam- with Nicole in a floor length red gown and Jeremiah opting for the classic black suit, white shirt combo. I thought this was a wonderful allegory for their relationship. They're truly happy wherever they may find themselves- whether that be in jeans and t-shirts along the beach or in full on evening attire, they're just happy to be in one another's arms as often as possible. Once they got dolled up we took a few moments to capture their save the date images that showcase their August wedding date. They plan to hold a ceremony in Woodinville Lavender in 2021, surrounded by the beautiful blooms that Woodinville has to offer.

We rounded out this session with a few hazy shots that really captured the landscape of Rialto Beach and finally a silhouette capture that belongs on the cover of a movie if I do say so myself, but I'll be happy if it just winds up over their great grandchildrens mantle someday. This was only my second time working with this couple, but we already have plenty more in the books all over the country and I know that they will bring the love, light and laughter that they brought for this session for many years to come. Working with couples who have that inner joy, that inner light- that makes my job so easy. I'm not so much posing and directing as I am just standing by and capturing the things that make this couple unique and wonderful. I can't wait to see you two again soon!

Update: We made it to Colorado!! (link the other blog here)


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