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Branding + Headshot Photography

Seattle Branding Photography



I'm thrilled you're here! Whether your online presence isn't quite hitting the mark or you're excited about a fresh start, I'm here to help.


I truly believe that having a well-thought-out look and feel for your brand can bring you a sense of purpose, confidence, and joy in your business journey. My goal is to work with you in creating a unique visual identity that reflects your professionalism and true self.


I've been lucky to collaborate with a wide range of clients, from wedding flower shops, designers, and clothing boutiques to dental offices and law firms. No matter what your business is about, I'm committed to getting to know you and your brand and providing you with a visual style that will help your business thrive.


When you team up with me, you can expect a mix of friendliness, professionalism, and careful attention to the details, ensuring you walk away with confidence and a real sense of pride in your brand's visual appeal.

Branding Photography Investment


Headshots 500

Headshots are for a business of any size looking for professional headshots. 

  • Photos taken at your place of business or a mutually agreed upon location

  • 500 fee with 100 per additional person

  • Digital gallery with 3-5 photos per person


The Brand Experience 795

The Brand Experience caters to entrepreneurs seeking to establish a unified visual identity for their brand.

  • one hour on locationup to 2 people

  • 1-3 outfits and brand accessories/props

  • Headshots and branding content

  • Digital gallery with a minimum of 50 images.

Team Experience  1300

 The Team Experience encompasses all the thoughtfully curated branding content included in the Brand Experience, but specifically tailored for businesses with a team-based structure.

  • 2 hours on location, 3-6 people

  • 2 outfits per person and brand accessories/props

  • Headshots and Branding content

  • Digital Gallery with a minimum of  75 images

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