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A Perfect Wedding Day at Our Lady of the Sea and Port Gamble Hood Canal Vista Pavilion

Every wedding has its own unique charm, and Nico and Kristin's celebration was no different. From their chance meeting at a country bar in San Diego to their dream life on their Washington property, their journey to the altar was nothing short of magical.

How It All Began

Nico and Kristin's love story began in 2017 at a lively country bar in San Diego. Nico was there with a friend, and Kristin was out with her college roommates. They ended up sharing an unforgettable night that took them from the bar onto a boat, thanks to Nico and his friend both being captains. This chance meeting was the start of a love story that would eventually lead them to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Life in Washington

In February 2022, the couple decided to move from San Diego to Washington, dreaming of buying a house with some land and settling down. They found their perfect sanctuary on a beautiful piece of acreage and have been loving the peaceful country life. Their property, which they bought in December, has become their haven for outdoor fun.

Nico and Kristin enjoy hiking, having fires, barbecuing, and spending time with friends and their dogs. They have two boats—one working and one a project—and Nico often goes fishing in the morning. Their new life in Washington has given them the quiet solitude they longed for, plus they're closer to Nico's family in Seattle.

The Wedding Ceremony at Our Lady of the Sea

The couple chose Our Lady of the Sea for their wedding ceremony, a venue that provided a serene and intimate setting for their vows. The church, with its breathtaking views and tranquil ambiance, offered the perfect backdrop for their special day. Surrounded by family and friends, Nico and Kristin exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony that celebrated their love and commitment.

The Reception at Port Gamble Hood Canal Vista Pavilion

After the ceremony, the celebration moved to the stunning Port Gamble Hood Canal Vista Pavilion. With its panoramic views of Hood Canal, it provided an elegant and scenic location for the reception. The Pavilion's charm and natural beauty perfectly complemented the couple's love for the outdoors and created a warm, inviting atmosphere for their guests.

The reception was filled with laughter, love, and joyous moments as Nico and Kristin celebrated their union. Guests enjoyed delicious food, heartfelt toasts, and dancing into the night, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The Pavilion's expansive windows offered breathtaking views, making the evening even more magical as the sun set over the water.

A Bright Future Ahead

Nico and Kristin continue to work hard in their careers while enjoying their new life in the Pacific Northwest. They've been making new friends and exploring all that the PNW has to offer, from scenic hikes to community events.

Their wedding day at Our Lady of the Sea and Port Gamble Hood Canal Vista Pavilion was a beautiful reflection of their love story—rooted in adventure, filled with love, and surrounded by the natural beauty they cherish. Here's to a lifetime of happiness and new adventures for Nico and Kristin!

Weddings like Nico and Kristin's remind us of the beauty of love and the importance of celebrating it in meaningful ways. Their story shows us the magic of chance encounters, the joy of shared passions, and the fulfillment of dreams. Congratulations to the happy couple on their beautiful wedding and the exciting journey ahead!

Bride and groom kissing at sunset on the water in Port Gamble

wedding ceremony at our lady of the sea in bremerton

bride and groom sunset portraits at Port Gamble Hood canal vista pavilion

Bride and groom dancing at Port gamble wedding



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