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Mt. Rainier Engagement Session/ Alex & Rafael/ Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

We've returned to Washington this time, following a few days in Colorado! Don't forget to explore the exciting sessions with Dadson & Elizabeth, along with Samantha and Eric, for all your adventure needs today. However, if you've already savored their love stories, allow me to draw your attention to Rafael and Alex for a brief moment. This remarkable couple came to me as a result of having to postpone their Texas wedding for another year, a situation quite common these days due to the lingering uncertainties brought about by Covid-19 but this didn't deter them from seizing their moment in the spotlight this past March!

We decided to explore Mount Rainier here in Washington as soon as they mentioned they hadn't visited it since moving here a few years ago. With some careful planning and a great deal of enthusiasm, we ventured straight to the summit. Working our way down the mountain while capturing these shots allowed us to create a two-part engagement session. The first part featured a landscape blanketed in several feet of snow, while the second half embraced lush greens and natural forestry. Luckily, the weather was relatively warm throughout the entire shoot, even with the initial snowfall. The only real challenge the snow posed was some occasional footing slips, which resulted in plenty of smiles and laughter. Rafael quickly came to the rescue with snowshoe spikes, allowing him to ascend with a swiftness rarely witnessed at his own engagement session. Some of my favorite shots from this session are the ones where they stumbled, as they provided Rafael with an opportunity to showcase his heroic side while assisting Alex through the tricky terrain.

Once we had gotten as much fun out of our snow adventure as possible, we navigated back down and started in on these photos near the bridge entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park. This bridge is one of the best spots to shoot because it gives us an open sky for good lighting, but the bridge itself doesn't stand out from the surroundings. Mt. Rainier planners really thought this one out because although this structure is necessary to get people in and out, it feels like it was formed there right along with all of these towering trees and lush greenery. Alex's gorgeous rust orange dress contrasted just perfectly with those green ferns and brought all the focus to the couple- where it belongs! While the mood on the mountain was playful and bright, Rafael and Alex's love for one another really shined back on solid ground where they could dance and kiss and walk hand in hand through the forest. They have a very quiet but magical feel to them as a couple and being able to witness yet another couple that was beautifully and wonderfully made for each other is why I love what I do.

Rafael and Alex are set to have a small intimate ceremony onApril 17th at Salish Lodge and I hope these engagement photos bring them the happiness that they have brought me. Spending time with a joyous and understated couple like Alex and Rafael truly makes taking their photos feel so worthwhile. Getting to solidify glimpses into their life together, to immortalize snaps from the weeks leading up to their wedding- it's the closest thing a photographer can get to complete fulfillment. As they begin this next chapter of their lives together I know they will hang on to these memories as the backdrop to what will be a sunkissed life full of wonder, adventure, love and respect for one another. Congratulations to these two love birds and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you.


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