• shantelwall

Olympic National Park Engagement/Lake Cushman, Wa/Shantel Wall Photography/Karina and Joe/Engagement

Every now and then I get a couple who has searched high and low for a photographer that fits their style. There are so many different types of photographers out there- you've got your light and airy folks, your moody edits, your candid styles. I guess the closest descriptor for my style is going to be adventurous yet true to life. I try to follow whatever is going to work just right for each client who comes to me- and because of that I find some wonderful clients like Karina and Joe! These two were full of praise for past galleries of mine they had seen, so I just knew I had to blow their session out of the water so they'd be just as impressed with their own photos as they were with previous ones they had seen.

We set out into Olympic National Forest for their session to grab some earthy and intimate shots of them as they navigated the path through to Lake Cushman. It's no secret that my favorite pastime (other than photography obviously!) is hiking- and so any time that a couple wants to go adventuring I am absolutely down. It was a little chilly that day but these two didn't let that stop them from bringing their own heat as they snuggled and laughed and skipped through the rocky terrain toward the lake. Joe stopped to skip some rocks across the water while Karina stood by and soaked in the peace that Joe so obviously brings her.

Karina wore this gorgeous blush colored dress that made it look like she just walked right out of a magazine and in front of my camera. I cannot express to you how absolutely beautiful she is, both inside and out. Joe clearly agrees as well because he could not keep his eyes off of her during this entire session and it was absolutely magical just to watch the two of them exist together. They laughed, they danced, they rested together and watched the sunlight dance across gentle waves in the lake. This truly was a perfect session for everyone!

Karina and Joe plan to have their wedding in Mexico in 2022 and I know that wedding will be absolutely stunning. When you meet a couple like Joe and Karina sometimes you can just tell that they are great people and great things will happen to them. I believe that good things will always come to good people in time and these two absolutely deserve a beautiful wedding and a beautiful life together! Congrats you two on your engagement, I can't wait for many more memories to come!