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Sunrise engagement session/North Bend, Wa/Shantel Wall Photography/Maria and Brycen

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

I've always had a special place in my heart for engagement sessions. It's one of those things that allows me to meet with and get to know couples before their official wedding, and get a feel for what their personalities are and how I can expect their wedding day to go.

When Maria and Brycen first contacted me I was super excited to hear that they were going to be getting married near Mount Si and knew just the place to snag these engagement photos! As are many of my days, this one started out bright and early for this sunrise session. I know that sunset gets all the hype- golden hour and all that- but we just do not talk about blue hour enough. Sunlight scatters in the morning in a way that is so flattering to the landscapes here in the PNW- and the only thing as awe inspiring as Maria and Brycens love for one another is the towering mountain landscapes we have here!

I seriously cannot wait to see the images of their wedding at Snoqualmie Ridge, because I know those are going to be utterly stunning. Also like many of my days, we had a little bit of adventure as we hunted around for the best photo ops! We were greeted by a group of Elk having their breakfast in the field as we headed up to Snoqualmie Falls.

As much as I truly wanted to get in there and snag some pictures with those guys I knew better. I've lived in this area for so long that I've heard enough stories about these giants to know that they aren't as friendly as they look! So much to our dismay, we trekked on past the not-so-gentle giants and made our way to the falls for some portraits of the love birds in front of the thundering waterfall. One of my favorite moments from this session was Brycen getting down to tie Maria's shoe as we went along. From the outside that may seem like such a small gesture, but to me it signified a sense of servitude. One of the things that I've realized really holds a couple together is these small acts of service- it's tying a shoe, or holding a door, or getting up early to make the coffee. Love stories are built on the mundane tasks that we all take for granted and even though some of the chapters may be framed by blue hour and elk and mighty waterfalls- it's the little things that these two did for one another that were steeped in love and gratitude to simply exist together in that moment- and I look forward to what I'm sure will be many more beautiful moments for these two! I am so excited for Brycen and Maria's Wedding at The Club at Snoqualmie

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Unknown member
Jul 17, 2021

WOW- awesome photos. I can see why my daughter was insistent on hiring you!

Jul 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! I am so excited for her wedding.

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