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Engagement Session at Red Rock Canyon Open Spaces/ Colorado Springs/ Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Shantel Wall Photography is back in Colorado again this week for another stunning shoot, but this time it's an engagement rather than a wedding! This was my first chance (of hopefully many!) to work with Dadson and Elizabeth and let me tell you, they blew it out of the water. This couple was insanely fun to work with and their love for each other is unmatched! We met up at sunrise in Red Rock Canyon Open Spaces in Colorado Springs and as the sun rose over their session I just got more and more excited about the future of this couple. They laughed, danced, and joked around with one another. They played with their amazing pup Copper in the wide open spaces of Red Rock Canyon Open Spaces. They kissed as the sun beamed behind them- what more could a photographer want?

Call me easy to please, but I always love it when a couple brings their dog along. It adds such a cute aspect to their session and is the perfect way to get them relaxed and comfortable while I work my magic. Copper, who's name fits just perfectly with the landscape here, was just happy to be included. He hopped around, smiled for the camera, and generally hammed it up the entire time. I hope when they have their elopement at Garden of The Gods later this year that Copper is included because he would be the perfect little ring bearer! We started in a wide open field, which was just fine with Copper, and grabbed a few backlit shots as the sun peeked over the horizon at around 6 am. These early birds did not disappoint and definitely seem like they must spend quite a bit of time up before the rest of the world. I've found that my most adventurous couples tend to be early risers- I wonder if this is a coincidence or if the key to being at peace with nature is to get out into it before everyone else does?

We moved over to a more mountainous backdrop to truly encompass the glory that is Colorado and Red Rock Canyon in particular. This spot is absolute magic in the morning and the stark contrast of those neverending blue mountains really does make this Colorado photographer feel awfully small. How lucky am I that I get to hang out with a couple as in love as these two in the middle of one of the most gorgeous places on this continent? You could tell that Dadson didn't have a care in the world for the beauty surrounding him though because he was far too focused on the beauty standing beside him. He absolutely fawned over Elizabeth during this session. Buttoning her coat, sneaking up to hug her, and just generally never taking his eyes off of her.

All in all, this was another session where I have felt truly honored to be included. Dadson and Elizabeth held each other in such high regard that our beautiful surroundings never even seemed to register for them- and that is what I actually live to see. Of course I love travelling, and I love hiking and adventuring to new places, but being able to bear witness to genuine love and connection is what the business of elopement photography is all about. Working with couples who are determined to outshine even the rising sun over a canyon truly does make all of the early mornings and late nights worth it and I cannot wait to jump into my next several sessions across Colorado and beyond!


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