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When to Plan Your Engagement Session of the Best Lighting

Updated: Mar 6

What's the perfect time for portraits? Is it early in the morning, late in the evening, or somewhere in between? Taking advantage of natural light is the best because it's beautiful, it's free, and makes you look amazing!

Sunrise Serenity:

The early morning light of sunrise holds a certain serene quality that's ideal for capturing intimate moments between couples. Here are some reasons why Sunrise might be the best choice for your engagement session:

  1. Soft and Gentle Light: The soft, diffused light of sunrise is forgiving and flattering. It minimizes harsh shadows and reduces the chances of squinting due to bright sunlight. This gentle illumination makes for beautiful, glowing portraits.

  2. Quiet and Peaceful: Sunrise often brings a sense of tranquility and quietness to your surroundings. It's an excellent time for couples who prefer privacy, as locations tend to be less crowded, allowing for more intimate and personal shots.

  3. Unique Atmosphere: There's something inherently romantic about being up early to watch the sunrise. It adds a sense of adventure and uniqueness to your engagement session, as most people opt for sunset shoots.

Sunset Splendor:

On the other hand, a sunset engagement session offers a completely different kind of beauty and drama:

  1. Golden Hour Glow: The period shortly before sunset, known as the "golden hour," bathes everything in warm, golden light. This creates a magical, ethereal ambiance that's perfect for capturing the depth of emotions between the couple.

  2. Vibrant Colors: Sunsets often provide a stunning backdrop with a variety of colors in the sky, from fiery oranges to soft pinks and purples. These vivid hues can add drama and vibrancy to your engagement photos.

  3. Comfortable Timing: For couples who aren't early birds, a sunset session might be more convenient. You don't have to rise at the crack of dawn, and the weather is typically milder in the evening, making it more comfortable for outdoor shoots.

While sunrise and sunset are often the top choices for engagement sessions, midday on overcast days offers a distinctive and sometimes underrated alternative. Here's why midday overcast conditions can be an excellent option:

  1. Soft, Even Lighting: Overcast skies act as a natural diffuser, creating soft, even lighting conditions that are flattering for portraits. The absence of harsh shadows can be particularly advantageous for capturing delicate and intimate moments between the engaged couple.

  2. Natural Colors: Overcast days often enhance the richness of colors in your surroundings. The lush greens of a park or the vibrant hues of urban settings can pop against the muted, diffused light, adding vibrancy to your photos.

  3. Versatile Timing: Midday sessions on overcast days provide flexibility in terms of timing. You don't have to wake up early or wait until the evening, making it a convenient choice for couples with busy schedules or preferences for midday activities.

  4. Comfortable Temperatures: Overcast days typically come with milder temperatures compared to the peak heat of midday sun, making it more comfortable for both the couple and the photographer. This comfort can lead to more relaxed and natural poses and expressions.

  5. Less Crowded Locations: Similar to sunrise sessions, midday overcast days often see fewer people at popular outdoor locations. This can allow for a more private and intimate photoshoot experience.

While sunrise and sunset are beloved for their unique lighting and atmosphere, midday on overcast days offers its own charm. The soft, even lighting and natural colors can create a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos. Ultimately, the choice of timing should align with your preferences and vision for your engagement session.

Collaborate closely with your photographer to decide what lighting and conditions will best capture your love story. Whether it's the tranquil serenity of sunrise, the dramatic allure of sunset, or the understated beauty of an overcast midday, your engagement session can be a cherished memory that reflects your unique love story.

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