Bride and groom kissing with wedding party cheering in the background. Bride is wearing a mermaid lace dress. Bridesmaids are wearing muted purple dresses and the men are in blue suits. Photo taken by Seattle wedding photographer Shantel Wall Photography.

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I am Shantel a wedding photographer in Seattle, Wa 

Capturing your day just as it, so you remember it just how it was with candid and naturally posed wedding photography.

Joseph was waiting patiently to see his bride for their first look. Having a hard time containing his excitement he was grinning from ear to ear so overjoyed that the day he could marry Madison had finally arrived. As he turned to see her for the first time his happiness over took him so much so that tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked at his soul mate. Moments like these are why I love to photograph weddings. Capturing your day as it unfolds naturally for your family to cherish for generations.  Click below to learn more about working with me, your Seattle Wedding Photographer!

Portaits of Shantel of Shantel Wall photgraphy. She is holding her camera and capturing weddings in Washingotn State.

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Bride and Groom on a river bank. Bride is holding a pink wildflower bouquet. Her dress is a ballgown with pink undertown. The groom is wearing a blue suit with a bolo tie. Birde is resting her head on the groms shoulder while the groom is looking down at his bride. Photo taken by Shantel Wall Photography.

I don’t even know where to start on how AMAZING Shantel Wall is. She was the wedding hero I didn't know I needed!

From the very call we had with Shantel, my then-fiance and I really loved working with Shantel.
She was super accommodating and totally game for any kind of adventure photography we wanted to get “THE SHOT.”

Also, she was super willing to work with us given that we planned our entire wedding just a few months before it happened since our original wedding ceremony/reception in Texas was cancelled due to COVID. As part of a custom-package, Shantel agreed to do an engagement photoshoot in Rainier National Park. Despite needing to reschedule the shoot several times, Shantel was able to accommodate us.

On the day of the shoot we had a fantastic time, trudging through the snow and she gave us several pointers on how to pose to get the look we wanted. She was super creative in positioning us so that even though there were tourists, hikers, and climbers all around us, you wouldn’t even guess they were there!

A few days before the wedding, Shantel updated us to let us know that the passage to the bottom of the waterfall at Snoqualmie had opened up and that the path was kind of clear save for a few muddy spots. We agreed to go ahead and do our First Look photos at the bottom of the waterfall. 

On the day of the wedding, Shantel was super communicative despite the chaos that was underway. Our videographer was also with us and she invited him to ride in her car to get to the trail that led to the bottom of the waterfall.

Once we arrived, we began our hike down and began hitting a few muddy spots. Shantel led us through the path pointing out all the muddy spots and guiding us through so we didn’t get dirty. 
At the last muddy spot, every brides worst nightmare came true - I fell in the mud.

Shantel helped me up, and as my husband asked some onlookers for some wet wipes, she quickly assessed the damage and began helping me wipe down my dress. After the mud incident, we kept trudging through fallen logs, slippery rocks, and more mud, with Shantel helping us along the entire way.
And despite falling in mud, Shantel got THE SHOT with a beautiful rainbow reflecting from the waterfall. The photos honestly don’t even look real, but I know they are because I was there!
After getting the photos at the waterfall and we trudged back to her car, Shantel kept running in front of us and behind to get more shots, always working to get more photos.
She kept reassuring me that everything was fine and that “they can’t start the wedding without you,” which was a huge help despite how stressed out I was.

Even after nearly falling in mud a second time and getting my hand completely drenched in mud, Shantel instructed me to wipe my muddy hand on her pants so I didn’t cause any more harm to my dress.
Like I said before, she was the wedding day hero I didn’t know I needed.

After racing back to Salish Lodge, getting my dress cleaned up, and showing up to my wedding ceremony an hour and 40 minutes late, I finally got married and Seattle wedding photographer, Shantel, was able to get all of the shots we wanted. She got photos with our families and friends and even super last minute requests from the in-laws.

Shantel stayed with us almost 2 hours over the originally planned time. And she was so awesome about everything. Seriously. Shantel was the most amazing photographer and we were so lucky to have her with us on our big day. 

Seriously. Hire Shantel.

Not only are her photos INCREDIBLE but she’s also incredibly accommodating and up for any adventure to make your wedding photo dreams come true!

Groom is pushing his bridde on a tree swing. Groom is wearing a dark grey suit with a sage breen bow tie. Bride is wearing a pink undertone lace wedding dress and holding a green and white rose bouquet. Both are laughing and enjoying their wedding day. Photo taken by Shantel Wall Photography.

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Woodinville Lavender Farm wedding with Bride and Groom in the lavender field during sunset. Groom in blue suit and Bride in lavender undertone dress. Taken by Seattle wedding photographer Shantel Wall Photography.

Wedding at the Woodinville Lavender Farm

Bride and Groom standing in front of a castle door with lion staues on both sides. Groom is wearing a black suit and bride is wearing a white fit and flare. Photo taken by Shantel Wall Photography

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Groom leading bride across a field of tall grass. They are holding hands and the groom is looking back at his bride. Groom is wearing a tan suit with a sage green tie and bride is in a fit and flare lace dress.

Wedding at Machias Meadows

As a Seattle wedding Photographer, I love Woodinville Lavender because of the unique scenery. It is one of my favorite venues. 

Thornewood Castle is stunning with the beautiful garden, waterfront views and not to mention the castle itself. These and so many more reasons are why this venue is one of my favorites Washington wedding venues.

Machias Meadows a perfect venue for outdoor and indoor options. From a modern farmhouses feel in one building to running through the fields at sunset. 

let's make your day as one of kind like your love story
Bride and Groom are looking at eachother while sun rises behind the mountain ranges. The sky is pink, puple, yellow, blue and orange. The bride is wearing a flowing yellow dress and the groomis wearing a dark gray suit.

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