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Elegance Afloat: A Classic White and Gold Wedding for Kasey and Brian at the Tacoma Yacht Club

Updated: Mar 15

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Bride and Groom taking wedding portraits at Tacoma Yacht Club

Photo by Shantel Wall Photography

When it comes to dreamy wedding venues, few can rival the timeless allure of a yacht club. The gleaming waters, the gentle sway of boats, and the nautical charm create an atmosphere of romance and sophistication like no other. In the heart of Tacoma, Washington, lies a gem that epitomizes this elegance: the Tacoma Yacht Club. Picture-perfect in its setting, this yacht club recently hosted a wedding that left everyone enchanted. A classic white and gold theme brought a touch of timeless glamour to the waterfront, making it an affair to remember.

Photos by Shantel Wall Photography

The Tacoma Yacht Club, nestled along the picturesque shores of the Puget Sound, boasts breathtaking waterfront views and a sense of grandeur that perfectly suits the occasion. As guests arrived at the venue, they were greeted by the sight of majestic yachts moored in the harbor, their polished hulls glistening in the afternoon sun. The Tacoma Yacht Club served as the ideal backdrop for the wedding of Kasey and Brian.

The bride and groom, Kasey and Brian, had a vision for their big day: classic elegance with a touch of opulence. And what better way to achieve this than through a classic white and gold color palette with hints of green?

Photo by Shantel Wall Photography

Kasey looked nothing short of ethereal in her wedding gown. The A-line silhouette and a flowing train exuded an air of grace and refinement. Her veil, a cascade of sheer tulle with flower details and small pearls, completed the look, making her the picture of bridal elegance.

Brian, the dashing groom, was the perfect complement to Kasey's radiant beauty. He wore a classic tan tuxedo, accented with a crisp white shirt and a gold silk bow tie.

Photo by Shantel Wall Photography

The floral arrangements were a feast for the eyes, blending seamlessly with the white and gold theme. Creamy white roses and hydrangeas took center stage. The result was a display of floral opulence that adorned the venue, from the ceremony arch to the reception tables.

Kasey and Brian's love story began in a way that could only be described as fate. They met on an airplane when Brian, chivalrous as ever, traded seats with a young girl so she could sit next to her dad. Little did Brian know that this simple act of kindness would lead to a serendipitous encounter.

As the flight continued, Kasey, ended up falling asleep on Brian's shoulder. In that quiet moment, as the airplane soared through the skies, destiny worked its magic. When they disembarked, Brian and Kasey exchanged numbers, and from there, their love story began to unfold. The rest, as they say, is history. Here we are today, celebrating their wedding!

Photo by Shantel Wall Photography

The couple exchanged vows on the lawn overlooking the tranquil waters. An elegant floral arch framed them as they pledged their love to each other. The sparkling Puget Sound served as the most enchanting backdrop, reflecting the pure, unending love that Kasey and Brian shared.

As the sun began to set, the celebration moved indoors to a ballroom adorned with white and gold decor. The tables were dressed in crisp white linens with gold accents, creating a regal atmosphere. Each place setting featured gold-rimmed china and crystal glassware, a testament to the attention to detail that went into every aspect of the wedding.

Photos by Shantel Wall Photography

The speeches and toasts, filled with laughter and heartfelt sentiments, underscored the love and support surrounding the newlyweds. Then it was time to dance the night away. The DJ played a mix of classic and contemporary hits, ensuring that everyone had a chance to join in the celebration.

Photos by Shantel Wall Photography

For couples seeking an exquisite yacht wedding experience in Tacoma, the Tacoma Yacht Club offers a dreamy venue. Our classic white and gold-themed wedding not only combines timeless elegance with opulence but also provides a picturesque waterfront setting. Ideal for those searching for yacht weddings in Tacoma, this blog unveils the enchantment of Kasey and Brian's special day while highlighting the Tacoma Yacht Club as the perfect location to host your own yacht wedding. If you're planning your big day on the water, read on to discover how this couple's love story took flight and how their wedding day became an unforgettable journey, just as yours can.

Bride and Groom kissing and dipping for sunset photos at the Tacoma Yacht Club


Venue: Tacoma Yacht Club

Saxophonist: Tim Staro

Stationary: Impress Ink Design

Marquee lighting: Sea Marque

Bridesmaids: Birdygrey

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