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Woodinville Lavender Wedding with Aviation-Inspired Decor

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Morgan and Andrew's wedding at the lavender field was a truly beautiful and unforgettable event, made even more special by the thoughtful incorporation of locations and planes into the decor, reflecting Andrew's career as a pilot for Alaska Airlines. The ceremony took place in the midst of rows and rows of lavender plants, which were in full bloom and provided a stunning backdrop for the exchange of vows. The air was filled with the fragrant aroma of the lavender, adding to the already romantic atmosphere.

To honor Andrew's profession as a pilot, the couple incorporated subtle aviation-themed elements into the decor. The aisle leading up to the altar was lined with vintage aviation maps, guiding the couple towards their future together. Additionally, model airplanes, both as centerpieces and hanging decorations, added a unique touch to the overall design, symbolizing the couple's journey of love taking flight.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful and emotional affair, with both Morgan and Andrew declaring their love and commitment to one another in front of their friends and family. The couple had chosen to write their own vows, which added a personal touch to the ceremony and had many of the guests in tears.

In addition to these aviation-inspired elements, the wedding featured an unexpected and creative twist with the bouquets. Instead of traditional floral arrangements, the bridesmaids carried bouquets made from the pages of beloved comic books, infusing the event with a pop culture flair that perfectly matched the couple's unique personalities and interests.

After the ceremony, the reception was held in a tent adjacent to the lavender field. The tent was decorated with lavender-colored accents to maintain the floral theme and aviation-related elements subtly. The dance floor, where guests celebrated the newlyweds, featured a design reminiscent of a runway, symbolizing the beginning of a new journey together for Morgan and Andrew.

The reception also included a delicious sit-down dinner and a variety of desserts, including a beautiful lavender-infused wedding cake that perfectly blended the floral theme with the aviation touch.

Overall, Morgan and Andrew's wedding at the lavender field was a truly magical and memorable event. The stunning setting, the beautiful decorations, and the thoughtful incorporation of aviation elements combined with the love and joy of the newlyweds and their guests made for an unforgettable experience. Congratulations, Morgan and Andrew!

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