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Four Perfect Airbnb Cabins for your Washington Elopement / Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Hebe's has quickly become a hotspot for couples in the area to sneak away for an intimate ceremony surrounded by lush forestry and woodland charm. This A-frame construction is to die for and allows couples to revel in the boho wonder that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We can snag portraits alongside the expansive lakefront views or grab some intimate shots among the wildflowers! I particularly love this location because once your gorgeous ceremony has concluded, you'll have a secluded cabin for the wedding night and a serene sunrise to wake up to the next morning. Hebe's is well versed in offering elopements and has special guidelines for us to follow, meaning they know exactly what needs to be done to create the elopement of your dreams!

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Little Bear cabin in Leavenworth is another perfectly styled A-frame that is just begging to be your elopement destination. This one is a little more modernized with a gray and white exterior but has the same woodland charm that Hebe's is known for. The lake frontage here is gorgeous and the sunsets are absolutely immaculate, making an afternoon ceremony the perfect way to celebrate the first day of the rest of your life! My favorite part of this location has to be the way the light trickles through the tree canopy and creates a dreamy and ethereal vibe. This cabin would be the perfect place to string up some solar lanterns, macrame details and some lush white florals for that upscale nature look that has become so popular.

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Oh my goodness. This place is the epitome of nature meets style. You can set up your ceremony here in the flat green space so that you and a few guests have plenty of room to mingle without bumping against the treeline, and set your big day against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Did I mention that you'll be able to hear the waterfall and stream nearby? This gives Skykomish Vida a gorgeous all-senses appeal that you won't find at any old venue. Some of my favorite images have been taken with the Forks Of The Sky State Park in the background. Skykomish Vida really is the place where heaven meets earth and has plenty of room to fill with the joy and love of your ceremony. After your vows have been said, the cabin itself offers several balconies where you can spend the night with you love in celebration.

If you have an instagram then you've definitely seen Tye Haus. This A-frame has a large front porch area that is the perfect stage for the two of you, and creates a mystical wonderland vibe for your elopement. Tye Haus is also surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of towering trees- but more importantly the cabin itself has a clearing above it which means an evening wedding is perfect for this space. The clear views of a starry sky have enchanted millions of couples as they scrolled past it on their feeds and makes for just the right scene for your ceremony. Tye Haus is also known for being absolutely gorgeous in any season- whether it be set against the greenery of spring and summer or against a blanket of softly falling snow- this cabin retains its beauty year round.

All photo provided by cabin owners and credited to Kyle Smith, Mathew Hahnel & Brian Daugherty.


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