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Garden Of The Gods Engagement Session, Colorado/ Pikes Peak/ Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Nicole and Jeremiah originally reached out to me for their wedding and engagement session here in Washington, and I was super excited when they contacted me again to join them in Pikes Peak Colorado (their engagement spot!) to do another round! Traveling is one of my absolute favorite aspects of this job- besides the couples of course. Elopement and travel photography allows me to simply follow couples to their most sentimental locations! Nicole and Jeremiah definitely had the inside scoop for this session and I was absolutely overwhelmed with the wonder that a state like Colorado has to offer. The rich reds and sprawling open skies is a nice break from the green trees that I am surrounded by in Washington.

This time we were able to get together on their one year anniversary of being engaged and document this sweet moment in time for them. With all the craziness of the past year, they are holding off on a ceremony until August but wanted to go ahead and get everything on paper, so they chose to sign their marriage certificate right there on top of the world in Garden of the Gods. This couple is very near and dear to me, and I am lucky that I have been able to work with them so often. One of the best parts of photography as a lifestyle is that you get to form relationships and truly get to know people through all of their life stages, and working with Nicole and Jeremiah is always a treat. The images we captured truly show their fun loving and adventurous style and that fits right in here at Shantel Wall Photography! While many of my clients are repeat clients, I don't always get to do two engagement shoots in two totally different states, so this was an awesome opportunity to basically meet up with old friends and go adventuring!

We started the day trying to grab some shots at Pikes Peak, but it wasn't long before a storm blew in and we found ourselves standing roadside in a flurry of flakes. We snapped a few more there just to capture the beauty that nature blessed us with, but ultimately moved this party on over to Garden of the Gods where we could get these beautiful crisp images that our studio is known for. Besides the gorgeous scenery and the natural wonder of a place like Garden of the Gods (and Colorado in general!) one of the best parts of this session was the laughter and fun that Nicole and Jeremiah kept going all day. They were truly just happy to be together, wherever that was- and watching them sign that certificate almost brought a tear to my eye. They were literally skipping toward married life and you could tell that they wouldn't have rather been anywhere else in the world except in each other's arms.

Nicole and Jeremiah plan to have their formal ceremony in August of this year back in Washington at a venue called Woodinville Lavender Farms- a sprawling venue with gorgeous lavender fields that will add yet another color palette to their repertoire of legacy photographs. Woodinville is known for having these amazing inclusive packages for couples looking for an outdoor venue that allows them to reign in the beauty of blooming fields, open skies and perfectly coordinated tea-party style receptions. I cannot wait to see how that day turns out for them because I know it will be just as gorgeous as their love for one another- and they absolutely deserve to have the perfect wedding day that I am sure they have been dreaming of. For now, their life begins atop the mountains of Colorado and I'm sure that their journey will take them through many more years of adventure, travel and beautiful landscapes as they skip hand in hand toward their next chapter.

Their engagement session at Rialto Beach in Washington: here



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