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Garden of the Gods/ Colorado Springs/ Samantha & Eric/ Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Ok, let's get this out of the way right off the bat: I am OBSESSED with Eric and Samantha's session! I knew this one was going to be good but I wasn't prepared for just how good it would be! Samantha is an Elopement Photographer as well, so she already knew all of the tips and tricks for posing and location selection as well as clothing choices- and with our combined know-how this session turned out to be one of my favorites of all time. We laughed, we hiked, we talked shop- this was less of a session and more of an adventure with what felt like lifelong friends!

Unlike my previous shoot with Dadson and Elizabeth, which you can read about here, this session was sunset instead of sunrise, and the tones of golden hour really came out in full force for this amazing couple. We chose a few different locations but one of my favorites was definitely this huge arch rock formation that we found in Garden of The Gods, Colorado. This natural wonder framed this couples photos in a way that really brought out the majesty of both the scenery and their love for one another. I quietly sat back as they danced the afternoon away and I was able to grab some great shots that really show what kind of couple they are. Fun loving, effortless and joyful were certainly the vibe of the day and you can tell that Eric and Samantha never have a dull moment together.

It was almost as though this particular location was made especially for this couple. The red in Samantha's hair balanced against that gorgeous red sandstone, the blue of her super fun flowy dress against huge open skies- a match made in absolute heaven (not unlike Samantha and Eric themselves)! As the sun was setting we didn't waste any time grabbing what we needed, but toward the end we took just a little time to watch the sun as it sunk beneath the horizon. Samantha and Eric were really at peace at this moment, just watching the world turn and enjoying one another's company. As I've said before, some of the best photographs I have taken aren't the staged ones- they're the ones that showcase a glimpse into a couple's life. Where I can highlight the simple pleasures of a day's hike as they quietly wait for afternoon to transition to evening.

This couple is truly one of the sweetest and I look forward to meeting up with them many times over the coming years to document their lives together- not just for the chance to be shooting in sunny colorado but to just be with this couple and share in their love for adventure, nature and photography. As I move further and further away from my home base in Washington state I am reminded of all the glorious landscapes that this country has to offer and I know I am blessed to work in an industry where it is my entire job to find the most beautiful places in America and tell the stories of the people who find themselves there. Colorado forever holds a special place in my heart just for the amazing memories I've already made here and for the precious and loving and kind couples I have been able to work alongside. Here's to another day living the dream!



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