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How to choose a wedding venue

Updated: Mar 6

How to choose your wedding venue

Choosing a wedding venue can be a difficult task and is something most couples don't take lightly. Your venue sets the tone and ambiance for your wedding day. It can impact decor, color, and even the dress and suit choices. I also have a list of Washington wedding venues for you.

What makes the perfect wedding venue?

  • Large enough space for your guests

  • Ceremony space onsite or within 15 minutes

  • Natural lights

  • Place for photos on-premises

  • has a style you love

The step by step break down to help you find your venue:

  1. Choose the location: First and foremost you have to choose a city or destination. You can choose the city you live in, one close by, or a destination wedding in another state or country.

  2. Budget: You will need to decide about what your busget will be for the entire wedding and then how much you want to allot for the venue. Picking a venue on the higher end of your entire wedding budget may cause stress and have you skimp on other details you would have loved to have had.

  3. Pick a date: I suggest having 2 or 3 potential dates. Venues do book out in advance and having a little flexibility with the date can help. If you have a certain date in mind you will need to be flexible with your venue choice.

  4. Guest count: You will not need an exact number but rather an estimate. This will help with knowing about large you need your venue.

  5. Choose a style of venue: What kind of look, feel or vibe do you want your wedding to be? This will also help narrow down the types of venues you look at.

  6. Start touring potential venues: Choose your top 5 venues and set up tours. Make sure to as if they have your date or dates available.

Questions to ask your wedding venue:

  • Their availability. They could have one of your dates available.

  • What is included with your packages and what are the additional fees?

  • What is the retainer amount?

  • When is the full payment due?

  • What is their capacity?

  • Is there onsite parking?

  • Is there an in-house caterer or can you bring outside vendors?

  • Is there a preferred vendors list or can you bring your own? (Also a good time to let them I am your photographer :) )

  • What is the rain plan?

  • Is there heat and A/C?

  • How long will you and your vendors have access to the space before and after the wedding times for set up and tear down?

  • Do they offer off-season or non-Saturday pricing?

Next step:

Now that you have a wedding venue this is when you book your photographer and/or planner. These are the two next crucial vendors and they book up fast. I would not hesitate to book your wedding photographer.

Looking for your photographer? Let's talk about your wedding day.



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