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Thornewood Castle Wedding

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It’s been said that Europeans think of 200 miles as a long distance, while Americans think of 200 years as a long time. With a history spanning over 5 centuries- most people who choose to get married at Thornewood Castle are enchanted by its rich stories and untold secrets. Thornewood Castle is one of my favorite places to find myself, and I thought today might be the perfect day to share my love with each of you.

The Grounds

The English Tudor mansion is situated about 12 miles from Tacoma, Washington and has 3 acres of active “grounds” to explore. These grounds include a sunken garden, sparkling fountains, healthy florals and areas of thick green grass. All of these are a photographer's dream of course- and create images that are absolutely to die for. Although the cliche is a bit on the nose- I mean the words “to die for” quite literally. The grounds of Thornewood Castle have actually served as the set for several thriller films including Rose Red written and directed by Stephen King.

Now, I won’t pretend I didn’t consider leaving that detail out. It doesn’t actually go with my idea of a romantic setting for your wedding day- but it’s a neat fact nonetheless. Not to mention it’s easy to see why a big-time Hollywood director would be drawn to the space- it’s gorgeous, impressive and makes a very bold statement. Coincidentally, these three words are ones that many couples want to attach to their wedding photography! Something bold, exciting, imagery that impresses those that see it and make them think “WOW- this is an absolute fairytale.” with that mouth-open expression we all know to mean that they are in awe.

Just imagine you and your partner standing within the sunken garden, with the nearly 30,000 sq/ft mansion rising in the background. Maybe the garden isn’t the vibe you’re looking for? In that case, we can easily stroll over to the stretch of private beach and catch some of the last golden rays of sunshine as they set over American Lake. The photography that can be created here is truly a work of art.

The Mansion

Now, Thornewood Castle itself is fascinating. It boasts 54 rooms including 22 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. Each of these is adorned with stained glass, deep wood tones and ornate styling. The owners have left no stone unturned as they filled each and every corner of the estate with historical furniture and carefully curated artwork.

Thornewood Castle offers a variety of packages to couples seeking to be wed there. They have backup plans in case of inclement weather, plenty of open spots as well as covered ones, and a litany of different experiences which can be created at the drop of a hat. If you are interested in learning more about Thornewood Castle or simply wish to have an engagement session there- please let me know! I can’t wait to take my next step back in time with Thornewood. Here are a couple of weddings from Thornewood Castle: Mercedes and Bradon Aian and John

If you’re interested in learning more about other castles around the United States, my friends on the East Coast might have something to show you as well!

For more information about your wedding =, you can head to my website: CLICK HERE

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