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What to pack for your Elopement/ Shantel Wall Photography/ Washington State

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


Curious what to pack for your elopement day? Below are my top recommendations for your big day:

National Parks Pass

If you are planning on eloping or traveling through any National Parks I advise on buying the America the Beautiful annual pass. The cost is $80 and will last for a years worth of adventuring.

Layers of Clothes

The weather here in the PNW can change drastically as the sun rises or sets. Having layers of clothes that you can National as the sun rises or put on as the sun sets is highly encouraged. Depending on the time of year gloves, hats and jackets might also be needed in those layers. Throw in a long sleeve, sweatshirt, down jacket or a rain jacket and you should be set.


Is your elopement just a few steps from the car? Then a pair of flats or heeled boots my be ok. The number one thing to remember is find a pair that has traction. Some flats I like for an easy walk would be Sorel Flats. I don't typically recommend heels on hikes but if you are used to wearing them and want to add height I like these heeled boots form Sorel or Frye. My highest recommendation is to find boots that have traction and support. I love my Danner boots but others that are great are Sorel Booties and Blundstones.


If you are planning on a sunrise or sunset elopement know that a headlamp is super important. Your hike out before sunrise or hike after sunset will most likely be dark. Also, how cool are headlamp photos? Amazing is the answer.

Bear Spray

It is better to be over prepared and not need it rather than unprepared and need it. This is how I pack for any elopement, hike or backpacking trip. You never know what furry animal you might come across while on a trail. Bear Spray

Marriage license and permits

To make is official don't forget the paper work! Washington has a three day waiting period after getting your license just a reminder. Also, I am ordained if you wanted to have only the 3 of us.

Bag for Trash

Yes a bag! I follow Leave No Trace principles. If we haul it in we haul it back out. There are reusable bags out there also like this one.

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