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Woodinville Lavender Wedding/Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Mar 6

As a PNW wedding photographer, I spend a lot of time thinking about the aesthetics of various places around Washington. Woodinville Lavender settled among the rolling hills just outside of Seattle, Washington is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places I have ever been fortunate enough to shoot. I say this because not only is it stunningly beautiful to the eye, but it is pleasing to the other senses as well. The sights, smells, sounds and textures of Woodinville Lavender simply cannot be beaten. If you are an outdoorsy couple and want to take the adventurous leap into the living painting that Woodinville can be, let me show you the way.

The Aesthetic

The overall feeling of Woodinville Lavender isn’t something that I can boil down into a single paragraph in a blog. It’s something you truly have to experience yourself! The lavender itself is obviously a major focal point- but it’s framed with the clean lines of a beautiful horizon and towering straight line of arborvitae trees that create an immediate statement in photography- especially wedding photography. I love this location for its understated femininity that also translates into a very boho and earthy feel. This suits a lot of the couples I work with- you probably don’t live in the Pacific Northwest because you hate the outdoors!

Woodinville Lavender also allows for a really amazing smell as a backdrop for your wedding day itself. This isn’t something we think about often- but it is definitely something guests will remember your big day for. If you’re an environmentalist- I’ll also so that this venue is doing incredible things for the local pollinator population and that they provide lavender credit to their clients within their packages- meaning you can incorporate the surroundings easily into your wedding day decor.


Woodinville Lavender is one of the most inclusive venues I’ve ever worked within- and has a veritable list of amenities that will make any couple swoon. From an open catering policy to multiple location options (both covered and open skied) Woodinville cannot be beaten. It’s worth a second for you to hop over to their official page to check all of this out because there is no way I can list it all here.


If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I am truly passionate about the elopement scene. I have chased couples all over the country finding the perfect intimate spaces for them to celebrate their love stories. Woodinville Lavender is really high on my list of amazing options and is worth checking out if you want to have something for up to 15 guests. We can easily create a timeline that will allow you to take advantage of their 3-hour policy and have the celebration of your dreams (and mine!)

Ultimately, choosing a wedding venue is a difficult task. Especially in our area where we have such an amazing list of places that you could pick from. If you still haven’t decided, Woodinville Lavender is a spot I would definitely add to your shortlist to check out sometime soon- I promise you won’t be disappointed! Here are a couple of links to weddings from Woodinville Lavender: Nicole and Jeremiah Tian and Jen

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