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Gig Harbor Waterfront Wedding/ Kristen and Justin Doyel/ Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Sep 7

Another tale of two lovebirds who wouldn’t dare let covid stand in their way- Kristen and Justin Doyel had originally planned a large wedding at McCormick Country Club but were able to evolve their day into something I suspect might have even been more special, even if it did nearly sweep us all off of our feet.

I love a casual wedding, and the converse this bride chose to wear underneath her gown were the sweetest little touch to go along with the flower crowns, hand painted guest place settings and outdoor vibes. Everything about this day culminated in placing the attention off of the wedding and onto the marriage.

This sweet and intimate ceremony suited this precious couple so well. Although they couldn’t do their big country club wedding, they were able to remain in the area and snagged a date on Gig Harbor waterfront where Justin is originally from and where they both call home together. The day started off against all weather prediction odds with clear and sunny skies. They were able to stroll together through the beautiful tree lines and even catch a couple prenuptial kisses before the big day got underway. Their beautiful red accents paired perfectly with the buildings already present on the property and this stunning water view set us up for some perfect afternoon sunset pictures before the weather caught up to us.

As the ceremony came to a close a massive thunderstorm rolled in and soaked everything they had set up outside- flowers, arches, seating, absolutely everything was at the mercy of this storm. High winds blew away everything except for the love these two so obviously hold for each other.




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