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How To know What Wedding Photography Package To book

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

You found your photographer! Now to decide which package is right for your wedding day. I want to provide more background and details in wedding photography packages. Each wedding is different and tells the unique story of each couple. For this reason, certain packages work well for one couple but maybe not the next.

If you’d like us to help you find the best package for your wedding and vision, follow the link to book a complimentary phone call with us! Click here

8 Hours

An eight-hour package might work for you if your wedding ceremony and reception are all in the same place. This package will cover the most important moments throughout the day. Usually covering the end of getting ready into open dance. Keep in mind this might not allow enough time for detail photos (without guests) including flat lays, accessories and other details your wanting to be photographed.

10 Hours

The ten-hour package leaves more wiggle room for those detail photos, portraits and family photos. Having the extra couple hours on your wedding day does help keep things more relaxed and less rushed throughout your special day. This package is ideal if you have more than one location for your wedding. Something to note is travel time is always part of the hours you book for your wedding day. The time starts when your photographer arrives onsite.

12 Hours

If your wedding is very detailed, consider a twelve hours package. Detail-heavy weddings take more time to photograph to make sure every design you planned is photographed beautifully. If you are having a large guest count or a larger wedding party (groomsmen and Bridesmaids) this package is also a great option. Are you are planning a grand exit? If so, this package will cover the whole day from getting ready to your amazing exit.

6 Hours

This package has become more popular in the last two years. It is for smaller intimate weddings and elopements. Typically six hours covers it all. Like I said before, each story and wedding day is unique and sometimes shorter hours are better. I have sometimes done four-hour elopement but it was only the couple for photos. Be sure to consider your own unique timeline. Most photographers will listen to your vision and offer the suggested package that will be perfect for your day.

What Is Included In The Package

Every photographer delivers photos differently. When deciding on a package make sure it has everything you desire. Some offer only one form of the below but others offer a combination.

  • Digital Files

  • Prints

  • Albums

  • Engagement Session

In my packages, I have a combination of all the above with digital images included in all packages.

Want to learn more about my packages and find the right one for you?



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