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Valley Of Fire Helicopter Elopement/ Brian & Sanddy/ Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9

Brian and Sanddy are the very definition of making lemonade from life’s lemons. Initially this darling couple had reached out to me to book a simple snow engagement session, but the last minute covid elopement involving two helicopters, the Valley of Fire and a whole lot of style was anything but simple.

We began the day much like any other wedding- getting the girls dressed for the big reveal. They went with these beautiful maroon lace bridesmaid dresses and accents like boots and statement jewelry. While the girls got dressed I was able to snag a few shots of the bouquets and other accents for the big day but we were quickly rolling forward into the wedding itself- and I was not prepared at all for how grand of an entrance this bride had planned.

Brian and Sanddy rented separate helicopters and flew across the Valley of Fire to their ceremony site- seeing each other for the first time as they stepped out into the sprawling landscape. Imagine catching the first glimpse of your soon to be bride set against the backdrop of miles and miles of desert terrain. That stark white dress framed by 46,000 acres of Aztec sandstone. To call this moment a photographer's dream would be an understatement! #SameCouchForever might have been the cute tagline for the day but this couple and their affinity for traveling showed up and showed out for this entrance- and it was nothing at all like sitting at home on the couch to say the least.

This ceremony might’ve been small, and it might have been planned in two weeks, and maybe it wasn’t even what this couple thought it would be when covid turned us all upside down- but this gorgeous ceremony was a day that this couple will smile on as they recount it to their grandchildren in 50 years. Finding a way to make their day as big and breathtaking as their love must have been no small task, but they definitely pulled it off.




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