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Woodmark Hotel Wedding / Kelsey and Galen / Shantel Wall Photography

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Kelsey and Galen's wedding, held on the gorgeous grounds of the Woodmark Hotel and also a family friend's property was one of those sweet and intimate weddings where everything seems like it's just washed with sunshine, glitter and love. This couple gave me all the feels- especially when you could tell they were quietly supporting one another throughout the day. Galen was constantly stealing glances over at Kelsey, and Kelsey fussed about Galen like he was the most important thing she had ever set eyes on. This showed through so brightly in their photographs and I guarantee this quiet romance will shine through their marriage for the years to come.

One of the things that I know they will look back on and laugh over was their first real hiccup of the day- the car broke down midjourney between the hotel and venue! We had all hands on deck as we tried to move it out of an intersection. Nothing to see here- just a bridal party all dressed in their heels rolling a car across the street! These little mishaps are always one of the best parts of a wedding day too. Everyone has florals and ring bearers and pretty white dresses, but having a story to tell among all of your closest friends that sets your big day apart from all the rest is a blessing in disguise.

Although this was actually their plan C (maybe even plan D!), you would never be able to tell- every detail was perfect from the gorgeous Seattle weather to the boho linens to the focus on true love and celebration of a life just getting started together. Once we arrived we were able to steal some precious shots on the grounds and snag a few kisses before the ceremony commenced. The arch they stood under to be wed is absolutely to die for- adding a modern-meets-nature feel to the entire day.

Being able to capture these moments for this perfect couple and their family is what a wedding photographer lives for. The smiles, laughs, hiccups and mishaps that happen on a wedding day are all symbolic of the life that couples live together after the dress has been stowed and the arch taken down. Although we know they will face many more 'broken down car' moments, we know they will face falling flower petals and quiet reassurances from each other too- and that is the most beautiful thing imaginable. All my best for the Kintner's as they begin their journey together.

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